Yip Harburg

Yip and Leonard Bernstein

Yip Harburg and Leonard Bernstein


Yip Harburg was one of America’s finest lyricists, whose works include “Over the Rainbow,” “Brother Can You Spare a Dime,” and “Paper Moon,” as well as all the songs in the Wizard of Oz. Stuart Stotts’s new book, “Over the Rainbow: The Life and Rhymes of Yip Harburg,” now available on Amazon Kindle here.

A fascinating study of the art of lyric writing as well as a look at a life filled with humor, music, Broadway, movies, and a deep concern for social justice, “Over the Rainbow” also gives an inside look at the making of one of the American movie industry’s most loved shows, The Wizard of Oz. Packed with details, anecdotes, and lyrics from Yip Harburg’s life, “Over the Rainbow” is an accessible yet comprehensive look at a man, an industry, and turbulent historical periods.

Available as a kindle book, and coming soon as a trade paperback, “Over the Rainbow” offers an detailed look at the life of an American treasure and the making of an iconic movie.

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